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Make A Wish, And Do It !


Once upon a time lived a king,who was very wise, and who knew answers to all questions. The people from all over the kingdom are  came to him for answers, and they all went satisfied. One day has come to him a one very unhappy man.He was lethargic,displeased.

He stepped in front of the king and asked :

–  I want to know how to be happy,how to know what I want.

– What you want,the king asked him ?

– I don’t know.I’m just not happy.

-If you don’t know what you want, how do you think you can get anything? But, please be my guest next few days. Go around the whole of my kingdom, and after that we will  talk.

After couple of days, the man is came to the king with the smile in his face.He was happy after so many years. The king asked him:

Have you seen my horse farm,my divine gardens, my halls, my forests.Did you find out what you want?

-Yes I am my lord. I have seen all of that, and to be honest I’m not impressed.

-But, why you so happy than ?

-While I was walked thought your kingdom I was impressed in the beginning  with all your material goods.You have a beautiful horses,gardens and everything.  I imagined myself in your position, and my heart is not danced, I was unhappy. But than I am realize that  material things are not the ones which make me happy .I don’t want to have material things.I want to  people remember me at my music.I like to play music , and this is the first time to publicly admit that. I did not dare to admit that in my conservative environment. Thank you my lord.

The king was pleased, he knew it that the man will find answers at which he came.

In general, we all know what we want.Our heart know what we want,but we are sometimes so scared to admit that. We also know what we do not want. Sometimes our desires are contrary to the understanding of our environment.Sometimes our desires are contrary with our education, our culture.

This is not important at all.You must be honest with yourself in terms of your desires.And believe me you always know what you want.You’ll always be able to give an answer to yourself.I watched on TV cooking show and one of the  competitors is a doctor who is decide to change his career and to become a cook.Of course he was condemned by environmental because occupation of doctor is far more appreciated than cook,but he was not interested in the opinion of environment.What is matters for him is only his opinion.

The doctor is really one enlightened man.

So my friends, don’t be scared,be brave and move yourself toward your desires .Make your dreams come true.Don’t care about your friends opinion, your parents opinion. Grab your desire strongly, and don’t forget You Can Do It !


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The Beginning Of My Awakening


I was young student in those days.In my  early twenties.I was in rising power, sportsman. The world was mine. A friend of mine was operated , and I went to visit him in hospital.He was lying in a room with three other patients who were seriously ill.One of them was deeply engraved in my memory.

I visited a friend, I talked to him a little  and I  was preparing to go when one patient is spoke to me.The patient who was lying next to my friend.What I have immediately noticed about him is his calmness. The calmness with which he was disarmed me.

He asked me what am I studying. I said law school.He said, please be fair judge. I said, of course I will be.He continued, these are my last days, but I am more than happy.I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home, I have met many wonderful peoples here, in hospital,and what is more important of all I am aware all of that.

He told me I’d never changed with you,with your ages, because I am past what I am past, but what is waiting you on your road, it is big question.

I’m stormed out of the hospital that day, angry at that old man.Why would not he changed with me. I have youth,I have  strength,  I have  all time on this world.I have even hear.It is insulted me whit his calmness.I was defeated that day from that old man,because maybe he don’t want to change with but I would like to change with him. For that peace behind those big blue eyes .

I went home, but I could not get out that old man from my  head.I was thinking about his sentence “,I have a wonderful family, beautiful children,lovely home” , of course you have, I was thinking, I also  have wonderful family…. “and what is more important of all I am aware all of that…I am aware all of that”…..say again…”I am aware all of that”,”I am aware all of that”….

I got also youth,health,strength… Then why am I so restless. Is it possible that I don’t see that .Is it possible that I am not aware of that ….Noooo…

Yeeeeeees…this is true.In that moment I felt a great relief…Hey I am happy too. I was so burdened by things that I do not have,that I’m totally disregarded the things which I already have. This for me was the greatest discovery in my life,because this is the key of happiness.

This was the beginning of my awakening.After that moment I have became always happy.

And the old my, he died that day. Old man, if you’re reading this from somewhere, I just want to tell you thank you .

So,happiness is in us.Happiness is now and always. We are born to be happy always. Children’s are happy always .If you want to be happy you should be aware of the things that you already have. Home, family,health…you can always find a reason to be happy, and vice versa .

Look around you.Find the  things that you already have,be happy, be grateful, because I am sure You Can Do It !


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The Price Of The Differences


In the Ser province, in the middle age was lived one prince  Gor.He was  very well known and respected throughout the hole kingdom.His father was a great king and he had always listen to him.The people were happy because the king had a decent successor.But the Gor had a own  opinion

Next to them in their neighborhood has lived the barbarian tribe which is constantly attacked the kingdom, day by day, year after year, with the intent to take away as much territory as they can from them.

Prince Gor had his own life, he dreamed big dreams,far from castle.He dreamed of marrying a daughter of an old fisherman.He dreamed about  a humble life, far away from city noise.He was not excited by the idea being  prince.He was not excited by the idea that one day he will inherit his father on the throne.He was different.He was the only child of the great king.

His father is decided to marry him  with the daughter of the leader of the barbarians with intention to provide a much-needed peace for his people and country.When he said that to his son, he was devastated but he did not want to oppose his father’s will. Gor had a own  opinion.

They agreed to meet wedding on the bridge between the two empires,and to  prince meets  princess there.When they  are supposed to meet  the Gor is climbed to the edge of the bridge and jumped into the cold water.He did not want to oppose the will of his father on the one hand, but om the other he did not want to disobey himself.This was the price of his  differences.

Gor had a own  opinion.

Since he was an excellent swimmer they say he was swam far away,he returned at the a fisherman‘s daughter,and moved to distant places.His body was never found.Gor had a own  opinion.



So, Differences always cost.It is not easy to be different in this the same peoples world.It is not easy to dream big dreams when they teach us to be average, to be programmed, to be the same.But we are not same at all. We are all different in any sense.

But if you ask me it is necessary to be different if you want to be free. It is necessary if you want to be yourself, if you want to look at yourself in the eyes without shame, with pride.

Please don’t you ever listen other people when they tell you about your life,because they speak from their own perspective.I have never give importance to other people’s opinion,but I have hear a lot this sentences “Why you are  dissatisfied when you have everything in life“. People often mixed dissatisfaction and ambition, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.I am always happy and always pleased, on the other hand, I have big dreams,and I know I will achieved them

Be different not matter what cost, because You Can Do It !!!


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Happy New Year-Make It Happy


Happy New Year !!!

My wish to all of you is to be happy. It is the international greeting card for New Year, for Christmas ,for every holiday.  But,  my message behind this  greeting card is “The realization of this desire it is up to you”.

I Wish you in New Year to realize the greatest truth in your life “Your life is in your hands. The key of your happiness is in you hands. You are the master of your life.But don’t remember, happiness is a habit.

I Wish you in New Year to choose happiness.Yes it is your choice .You should  say laud and clear “I am happy”. Say to yourself  which things is make you  happy. And than you must decide, firmly, that you will doing them a lot.

I Wish you in New Year to set your goals. You will be happy only if you have a clear goal,if you have a purpose. Life needs to grow.When we realize one goal we need to set another one immediately, because we will become dissatisfied by time. A person without goal, is like flower without water,quickly fades.

I Wish you in New Year to choose health. Yes, this is true. Choose health. Please say to your self that you are healthy. Say to yourself every night before your bad time, in bad, you are healthy,convince yourself and you will be. Did you know that your hole body  be regenerated every 11 months. For eleven months all the cells of your body are replaced with new one. But what is great, from you depends whether the new cells will be healthy or not.The key of your healthy is in your hands.

I Wish you in New Year to realize how powerful your mind is. To realize how powerful is your subconscious. Make a wish, and than start  its realization.Lies on the bed, and relax, than convince your subconscious that you already have what you want. This can be strange for you, but this is how the things really  work in nature. If you want to be happy, just imagine yourself as a happy person. Imagine your self how you are smiling a lot.But please, try to be really ,really relaxed, and try to enjoy in that, to create too strong emotions, to start on hormones of happiness, and you will see after a while. The results are amazing.

I Wish you in New Year to write down your goals. This is so important, because everything is much stronger when you write it down. You will be able after 365 days to compare have you achieved your goals or not.For example:

  • I want to lose weightWISH. For that  I will start to train in the gym 02.01.2017., I will start to run, to jog ,to eat healthy food etc.Your goal must be concrete. When you come in the store,  it is not enough to  tell to the seller, I want food.You’ve got to specifically state what you need, which food exactly.

I Wish you in New Year  to realize that You Can Do It.

Happy New Year, and God bless you all 🙂



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“Happiness Is A Must”


Did you know that average  life span in the world is 71,4 years.

We sleep over a third of our lives which is 23,8 years.

We spend 14 year in work place.

We spend 7 years  in personal hygiene  performance.

We spend 6 years in eating.

We spend 5 years waiting in line.

We spend 3 years in meetings.

We spend 2 years in telephone calls.

So we have only 10,6 years (71,4-23,8-14-7-6-5-3-2= 10,6) for us, for activities that make us happy. I’m working on that to increase my “free years”. For example  I studied for a long time breathing techniques with which I am reduce my sleep time, in way that I breathe deeply and  I enter a lot more oxygen in  my body.In this way I need  a lot less time for rest, because my cells receiving much more oxygen. I have slept 7-8 hours per night, and now I need 4-5 hours  per night.

Deep breathing is like everything else, a habit. Babies breath with stomach, they breathing deep, but we, adult people, we must train our lungs to breath deep. By time our subconscious (which by the way  is controling our breathing) adopt new breath pattern, and we don’t need to think about that anymore.

1.jpgNow let’s do a little comparison.Our planet, our great blue planet Earth is old about 4,5 billions years.The nearest star to us is Alpha Centauri  which is away 4,3 light years from us.It means the light need to travel 299792458  meter per second or 186000 miles per second and to cross 1080 millions kilometers per hour, or 681  millions miles per hour,  4 years and 3 months to gets on Earth.

Can you imagine that.Can you imagine that distance.Now, please compare our life which takes 71,4 years with ages of the planet, with light years.It is incomparably.

They say that butterflies live only one day.This compared with the length of our life sounds very little.But when we compare the length of our life, with space, with the length of Earth life, we can conclude that we are like butterflies. We live one day only.Only one day.

We have our problems ” traffic jams, poorly paid jobs, bad weather, lack of love etc.” What do you think how many  years we spend in thinking about these problems. But the main question is how much time we are really happy ?

When you have any problem, try to compare it  with all this space around us.With universe. With distance between us and our nearest star, and you will realize how small it  is. You are bigger than all your problems. You are the great . You are born to be great. Be great.

Did you ever wonder why you are born. Why exactly you,and not some third person?Because you are chosen.

Don’t waste your years on irrelevant things.Don’t waste your years on sorrow. You don’t have that much time .Now, right now, while you reading this,  you’re younger than you’ll ever be. Act now.Smile, laugh, sing, be grateful, be nice be great, be HAPPY, because I know

You Can Do It!

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Depressive Legends !


This days is left us a one more giant of the world scene,great singer George Michael. I am always sad when some great artist pass away. He was in a deep depression,and heavily dependent  on drugs.They (great artist) are great, because they are stepped out from mediocrity, they are caught their dreams, they  believed in them, and at the end they are lived the kind of life they wanted.

All people,from this post ,which they have achieved their dreams was  depressed.Why ???It is great when you live life you want,right.It is our purpose, it is our goal. But in that road, some people simple people just get lost.


We have witnessed of many big stars which were depressed, and died from the effects of antidepressants,drugs, alcohol.One of my favorite actors Heath Ledger is died  because he was overdosed on sleeping pills, painkillers, and anxiety drugs .He was only 28 years old !





We can not remembered Whitney Houston, the best female vocal ever, for me.Great voice, like angel,but is it possible that she was depressed!?She was died the day before the Grammy Awards, in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.She was died  from “drowning” and “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”They also find in her body marijuana, Xanax, Flexiril, and Benadryl. She was deeply depressed.To make matters worse her daughter died in a similar way.






Great actor and comedian Robin Williams was also depressed badly.He committed  suicide in his apartment in Marin County,in his home.   Near the body,  investigators found personal items placed on a chair, including an iPad and two different kinds of anti-depressants  :  Mirtazapene and Seroquel.

1Great vocal singer Prince was deeply depressed too. Officials investigating the artist’s death said died of an accidental fentanyl overdose.He had become seriously dependent on painkillers, something sure to rattle some of those who knew him well.

I am  so sad when I read stories  about  this great people, and I can list you here more names. Why those people who had everything in the world, I’m not talking here about material, they have realized their dreams,why they was so unhappy, so depressed, so addicted to drugs, alcohol,antidepressants, sleeping pills etc.

Because their brain was their biggest enemy .

We are happy, or we are not happy because of our brain,because of our subconscious.But on the other hand some chemical processes occurring in our body when we using drugs and alcohol.Body secretes dopamine, a hormone of happiness,and we feel good because of him.For example  the brain converts heroin to morphine.Cocaine stimulates the secretion of dopamine so strong that some animal are in lab choose cocaine instead of food and died of starvation.

In this way we knowingly bring our mind in unconscious state.In unreal state. In temporary state. In order to remain this condition, we must take stimulus again and again, and increase the dose every time .

But the biggest problem to all this people is lack of objective. They are achieve already all dreams. They have not had any dream which is not achieved .But life,life does not tolerate stagnation, he striving to development. Because of this we need always a new goal,day by day ,short and long term goals.We must move forward always.In this way we will  encourage the secretion of hormones of happiness and satisfaction more than any drugs.

But you must know “Life is what is happens to us while we chasing our dreams“.Don’t forget to enjoy in every day,in every single breath.You don’t need drugs to be happy. Happiness is habit .Choose happiness, and you will be happy always.

And I, I will always support you in your road,because I know that You Can Do It !

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