I’m a fisherman in the river of my life


Once upon a time was a man named Rosario. Rozario is considered to be the wisest man in their region, and people around the world are came to him for advice in the field of love, happiness, success. He advised them, briefly, clearly, and they all went laughing. There is even a saying, “You’re Smiling as you got Rosario advice.” Rozario was an illiterate man. He came from a poor family, he was suffered the whole life. And nobody knew what the secret of his happiness. He never charged for his advice. People are left a gift, and he was unwillingly receive them.

One day with Rosario is came to the old man of 90 years.Rozario was surprised and ask him “How come you seek advice from me,the old man, when you’re so old and with age comes wisdom”.

The old man said, “The river of life that carried me all these years, has led me to you, in spite of the years”

The old man was a wealthy owner of the fish market.

This same river is so many years nurtured my stomach, and took care of my family,and now has led me to you wise Rosario.This river is from an early age learn me how to fish a fish, and how to feed my family. But this same river is learned you how to feed the souls of all people who are hungry for happiness. I was not that lucky.

I have a daughter. He have everything in her life. But she was desperate, sad, depressed .

A many years ago, my daughter came to you hungry for happiness. She had a gap inside her that no one could fill, and you filled it up.

For years I tried to do the same but I’m failed, and it bothered me for years the question of how you helped her. I said to myself, before I die I will go to Rosario wise to tell me how he helped her.

My time has come, and with that ,the question in which I need to know the answer
She is now a happy, has found happiness in traveling, working for the famous magazine that she pays to travel and report on it.

Rosario told him: I told her” If you know what fish swims in the river of YOUR life, grab it no matter the cost. Do not allow the other people to identify it and give it the names”.


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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