You’re a hero


As a little boy, and now also I like to read stories about heroes to watch movies about heroes.

The greates hero for me was Supermen, with all his powers, he could fly, he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive.The most impresses me that he helps people, he uses his power to help people

There is still a lot of heroes that adorned my childhood but my favorite supermen is survive to this days.When I grew up and I formed my own family, I realized how much is actually difficult to raise children and bring them to the right way .

Then I realized that my parents were in fact heroes because their whole lives was dedicates to the family.They worked worthy, fought and it’s all because of the family. All their needs they are neglected, and in the first line they put the needs of their childrens.

Now I got a different understanding of heroes .What it means in fact to be a hero ? Do you know any hero?

When I changed my definition of hero, I began every day to meet them, on the street, on the Internet, in the neighborhood, in the family .

The hero is a person who is aware of the transience of life,which therefore helps himself and others to have a better life, who never gives up,who looks at life positively.Hero is aware that anything  will not fall from the sky  for him, and he must by own fight for everything.

The hero is a person who stands upright when all others are put down their heads.

The hero is a person who has an opinion when everyone else is losing their.

The hero is a person who dreams of your dreams when everyone else lose their.

The hero is a person who sees the light when darkness is everywhere.

The hero is a person who is trying to learn ус something new, while everyone else is trying to confuse us.

The hero is a person who gives us helpful advice, without asking for anything for himself.

Heroes are everywhere around us.Maybe you are one of them. If you have a clear goal, a clear plan how to get to that goal, if you dream big dreams without the fear of what will say your environment.

If you are generous and helping others without expecting anything in return,if your child sees in you a role model and they want to be like you tomorrow . Then you are a hero.

Be nice and helps other, have your attitude, have your thoughts, dream big dreams and do not be afraid to try to achieve them no matter what others think about it, no matter how much it seemed impossible.

You will make it, you are true hero, and You Can Do It !


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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