He said :


          Far away, in a remote part of my country, deep in the mountains, lived an old man, who has just turned 103 years old, but he remembers when he record in books of births.

I went to see him, because I love old people. Most of them are so wise .When I asked him what he had learned through life:

He said:


  • Stay away from people who are not afraid of God, and do not ashamed of people.

He said:

  • With good people, be good, but do not hate bad people. You will not help them, you will only hurt yourself.

He said:

  • Listen more than you talk ,because of that you have two ears and one mouth.

He said:

  • In life, always doing what you want, and people? They will certainly talk.

He said:

  • Do not crawl because you can fly.

He said:

  • It is better to die for something than live for nothing.

He said:

  • Never from people do not expect too much. It is always better to be surprised than disappointed.

He said:

  • Take care of young people who ridicule to old people, healthy who ridicule to sick and fools who riducule to  clever people.

He said:

  • Do not live in the past to not neglect the present, which bings you the future.

He said:

  • Deeply believe in what you want and remember: lost is only it from what we were giving up!

And I, I  believed him !


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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