Defeat Your Fear !!!





  In one town there was a mirror shop.

There were mirrors everywhere, on walls, on the ceiling, on the floor.

Mirrors which narrow image, mirrors which expand image ,all kind of different mirrors.

One day in the store is after closing through window came in a fox.

When she entered she saw a lot of of foxes around her, and she scared very much.

Some of them were great, some small, some was with a big head and small body, the other with a small head and large body, and they all looked at her .She began to recede, and they started to withdraw from her .She started barking and showing his teeth .And they are also starting to bark and show his teeth on her.

Owner’s tomorrow in the shop found a dead fox.

Her heart is broken from FEAR .

We where born with only two fears. The fear of falling and fear of noise. All other fears are learned in our lifes by others, by parents, by society .

The reality is always different from our perception.Most often we do not look reality real, in fact we do not see the reality  real  in general.We see our picture of reality, which is often distorted.We see our thoughts in material form.We see what we think to others think of us,we can not see really what they think. It is not important what they think at all.

Remember, everything is in the eye of the observer .

We are afraid the most of things which are not real.We are afraid the most from  the unknown and the things  that can never make our endangered. And most, we  afraid of change.We are afraid that we do not lose what we have,but we need to focus on what we want to have.

We are afraid of other people’s opinion.We are afraid of the opinions of our family members.We are always in fear.We can not be relaxed because of fear.Can you imagine life without fear.We would be free in any sence.Imagine that you want to become an actor because you  love to play.And you have no fear of criticism, you have no fear of the audience,you have no fear of what will tell you family and friends.Is not that great ?

It is a life worth of living.

You know the fear is our creation, creation of our mind. Face with them,beath him in your head while he did not beat you.You are much stronger than your fear.You are not your fear.

YOU are much bigger than your fear

Defeat him, because You Can Do It !!!


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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2 Responses to Defeat Your Fear !!!

  1. great brother your lesson is very good for me GOD bless you and your sweet family, and Advanced happy new year thanks


  2. Ben Aqiba says:

    I am glad that you like.When you learn learn out to control your fear you will become profitable Forex trader.You will become whatever you want to be.

    Good luck


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