I want,that means I’m alive



All the books that  I have read for now,which are dealing with themes of human happiness,all they have couple of very important messages, and somehow they  are all the same, because they have the same point,the same starting point.

In the center of all similar books (motivational, educational, religious,psychological) is a humanism.All great things in life are so simple.All great secrets in hole life are so simple. We can see a lot of peaceful and calm peoples over the globe.But when we look at them we can not see any particular reason for that. They don’t have money, they don’t have proper house over the head,they don’t have…..But they have peace.

On the other hand, we can see a lot of peoples, which according to our (today’s society) criteria have all. Money,success,health,but they don’t have peace. I watched a documentary about Kurt Cobain who had a dream to become popular,to achieve success,to have a great band and he is achieved all that. But after that he killed himself. So sad.


We all seek one thing, and that is peace,complacence.

Is it that so hard to accomplish !!!???  It is not at all.All great secrets are simple.Remember this. This is so simple, and so true.This is if you ask me the greatest truth in the world.

What is that means.In all my posts you can see that I really emphasize always how is important to be honest.Honest with yourself,because it is the only way to be happy.You should sit with yourself and talk. Ask yourself, what do you really want from life.Forget ego,forget what you have already, forget what other people can tell you about that,forget how your parents, society would react on that.

Just you and your thoughts.

When you define what you want, than take it. Make some action.It is not important what the other peoples will tell you. What is really important is what you think about that.This is so simple. This is a big secret. Big, simple secret.

Here, you can come across on obstacle from your subconscious,because they teach you your hole life different things, and your wish is contradiction with your education.But this is not important. Just listen to yourself.

If you look at the groups for helps addicts, first step is to say your name, and say that you are an alcoholic, a drug addict.This is the fist step to healing.

You will after first step experience relief, because you are honest with yourself, and you are define what you want.

Than, after first step,it is time for second step.To do something about that.You can do everything you want. But you must make a first move.First step is the hardest one.But hey, you’ve already made the first step,with your honest.You must believe in yourself and in your dreams.

You must enjoy in road toward your dreams. You should enjoy in every single step.

You are alive as long as you have wishes.Don’t ever stop to wish something new,because you will on this way always remind  yourself that you’re alive.

Remember, all big secrets are so simple.Reveal them, and do not forget You Can Do It !


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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