Do you believe in destiny ???


Do you believe in destiny ?

My grandfather is often told meThe date of death is define in advance “. He has spent the entire second world war in partisans.Partisans were moving in columns by one, with space between the soldiers of two meters. Sometimes the column was several kilometers long. Suddenly, from nowhere, comes a stray bullet and kill one of them. Why him, why not me.It’s destiny, he told me. You can not run from your destiny.

When I was two years old,I had a difficult operation on plera.The doctor is told then to my parents that I probably will not survive, because I am so young and the operation is so heavy, and they should to prepare for worst scenario .God had a different opinion. The surgery went well, and I was lying in intensive care. In the middle of the night I have pulled out the infusion from my leg, and suffered terribly bleeding,my life was again in danger. But I had survived, againThat images are deeply carved in my memory,although I have had only two years. 

So that what my grandfather used to say  to me make sense, and in that form of destiny I really believe. I often hear that someone is struck by lightning, this is destiny .

All other things in our lives are chosen by us, I deeply believe in this.

We, humans, we are inclined that all things in our lives we prescribe to our fate,because it is much easier. It is much easier to blame our destiny, our bad luck for everything. In this way we will find always a sufficient number of excuses for our failures.

This is the road  with which most people traveling.

This is the road in mediocrity.

This is the road in life without dreams.

This is the road in life without hope.

This is the road in lie.

You were not born to be average. You are born to be great. You are born for great ideas,for great works. Take your life in your hands. Forget  destiny , forget your origin, forget your parents, forget your education.

You are here, on Earth. You are born, and this is the most important thing for you. It is no mater where you are born.Your destiny is not predicted in advance. Your destiny is in your hand.

I meet so many people who are living in lies. Who are living  on autopilot. Who are leftthe fate” to lead them,but who are not aware that they are the ones who should lead.It is their life. Because of that we have so many dissatisfied people. People who are doing jobs they do not like, living in a loveless marriage, who live a life without passion, but , worst of all, they do not blame themselves for that condition, they blame “destiny“.

Your destiny is in your hands,never ever don’t forget this.Make your dreams come true. Determine2 your own destiny, she is waiting for you.

You Can Do It !


About Ben Aqiba

I am just a guy, who is discovered the power of my mind, and who applied that power directly in my life.We are so powerful beings. We must be aware of that !We can be whatever we want to be,if we really believe in that. If we convince our subconscious in that, everything is possible. Join me dear friends in my path to enlightenment.Thank you !
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6 Responses to Do you believe in destiny ???

  1. Hi, Brother thanks other very good lesson for me GOD bless you, i am every day wait for new lesson


  2. moaied says:

    this is the right way to cope in live.

    great thoughts Ben, thank you.


  3. Vijaykumar Hiremath says:

    Yes, The Destiny Is In Our Hands.
    You Are A True Spirit.
    By The Way, I’m Little Poor In English, Can You Please Tell Me what Is The Meaning Of MEDIOCRITY?
    Thanks For Wonderful Post 🙂


    • Ben Aqiba says:

      Hello Vijaykumar,

      your english is just great.
      Yes you are right.Our destiny is in our hands.Some people like to blame destiny
      for everything bad in their life. But, it is a really bad idea,because in that
      way they are actually blame themselves, because they are destiny creators.
      On the other hand, when we know now that our destiny is in our hand,we should act
      immediately and begin to create our lives according to our desires,and with that our destiny.

      Mediocrity,it means being average,being like most people on earth.Neither good neither bad,
      just average. It is much easier to be average.But if you ask me, it is so sad to be average.
      You are born to be great, to be unique,not average.And you are everything but you are not average .

      Thank you


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